Bill Cosby’s website yanks meme generator after it backfired with rape allegations

Bill Cosby”s website yanks meme generator after it backfired with rape allegations
Cosby”s Twitter account also erased all mentions of the ill-advised meme generator, which backfired immediately.

Is TV exploiting Veterans Day?
From A&E”s “Dogs of War” to HBO”s “The Concert For Valor,” there”s an onslaught of Veterans Day programming that are so empty that they threaten to turn “the day chosen to recognize their sacrifices like another Hallmark holiday,” says Bryan Lowry.

Is “A to Z” canceled? Ben Feldman says the situation is like his 1st high school girlfriend
Feldman promoted his “canceled” sitcom on Seth Meyers” show last night, where he said that his show ran into trouble thanks in part to a “popular girl” named Shonda.

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“Homeland” director on this week”s episode: “We didn”t want it to get into the sci-fi/horror arena”
“At the same time,” says Carl Franklin, “we did want it to be scary enough to her so that people would realize what she was going through. It was tough not to step over that line. The writing was really strong and it gave us a lot to work with.” PLUS: “Homeland” seems to have given up on trying to make any of its characters good at their jobs.

Kelly Osbourne objected to being asked about Joan Rivers on “Today”
The “Fashion Police” star requested that she not be asked about Rivers, but the hosts asked anyway.

Why does “The Blacklist” Season 2 feel so disappointing?
Producers did try to improve the show by getting rid of the deadwood over the season, but the result has been less James Spader.

“Monday Night Football” game got so boring the announcers started making protein shakes
Watch as Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden make a protein shake in the booth.

“The Good Wife” has made Kalinda irrelevant
Since the disastrous Season 4 plotline, producers don”t seem to know what to do with Archie Panjabi”s character. PLUS: Will Lemond Bishop play a role in Kalinda”s exit?

“Selfie” had finally figured itself out when it got canceled
The ABC comedy was doomed from the start.

How Kathy Bates developed her “Freak Show” accent: She listened to a U.S. senator
The “American Horror Story: Freak Show” star listened to tapes of Barbara Mikulski, the U.S. senator from Maryland.

Ryan Seacrest talks about turning the Big 4-0
The “American Idol” host will celebrate his 40th birthday on Christmas Eve.

SundanceTV orders odd-couple ’80s Texas drama “Hap and Leonard”
Based on Joe Lansdale”s book series, “Hap and Leonard” follows a working-class white man who avoided Vietnam and a gay black man who is a Vietnam vet.

CBS order Bryan Cranston-produced “Sneaky Pete” drama
Cranston is teaming with “House” creator David Shore – who”s currently teaming with “Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan on CBS” “Battle Creek” – on a drama about an ex-con who pretends to be a cellmate to hide from the mob.

“The Simpsons” to tackle the Burning Man festival
Next week”s episode is titled: “Blazed and Confused.” PLUS: “Simpsons” producer on “Futurama” crossover”s Kang and Kodos revelation.

Netflix orders a “Justin Time” spinoff
The spinoff of the popular Canadian preschool show is expected to debut in early 2016.

Andy Milonakis, the former MTV star discovered by Jimmy Kimmel, is attempting a TV comeback
Milonakis, star of “The Andy Milonakis Show” from 2005-07, is starring in “Andy Milonakis 2.0.”

David Simon objects to Mike Rowe”s criticism of “The Wire”
The CNN host and “The Wire” creator have been trading comments over the HBO series, which Rowe feels has become too associated with Baltimore.

“Batman “66” Complete Series DVD comes out today
The original “Batman” series has been completely remastered in a set that includes a “utility belt-ful of extras like vintage screen tests.”