Watch: Bill Hader on the real reason he left ‘Saturday Night Live’

SAN DIEGO – It’s hard to see Bill Hader’s recent “Saturday Night Live” departure as anything but a deliberate career move, but as he tells it practical considerations also played a big role.

“It really was more about wanting to move to L.A.,” Hader told me at San Diego Comic-Con while promoting his upcoming animated sequel “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.” “Cause my wife [Maggie Carey] directed a movie…the movie ‘The To Do List.’ So she’s having to do that. So she’s having to go to L.A. a lot, and I was having to go to L.A. a lot, and so it was finally just like, ‘oh, well we just need to live in California.’ And we lived there before I got ‘SNL.’ So that was really how it started. And then, you know, ‘Can I do ‘SNL’ and that at the same time? Not really?’ And that’s how it ended.”

So is he interested in hitting Studio 8H as a guest-host at some point in the future? And how did it feel to leave the show after eight seasons? Click on the video above to watch the full clip.