Bill Maher Blames The Rise Of Trump On Democrats & Liberals Who Are Obsessed With Political Correctness

Bill Maher spent most of Friday’s Real Time railing on Trump’s first week in office. But during “New Rules,” he returned to one of his old favorites to lash out at liberals who allowed a “mad man” to talk his way into the White House. That would be PC culture and the desire of many to police language or shout out about offensive acts, particularly against those who don’t mean harm. Maher cites Steve Martin’s tweet about Carrie Fisher and Michael Keaton’s apology over his “Hidden Fences” mix up at the Golden Globes as recent examples.

For the host, this is why someone like Trump was able to force his way into the White House. While liberals and Democrats were focused on the emotions of others and “policing language” according to Maher, the Tea Party and GOP were taking school board seats and winning elections. It is hard to disagree when you see the results across the country. Outrage is an easy sell for many.

Just don’t think that any of that means Maher is letting up on Donald Trump. From the very start of the show, Maher hits Trump’s week hard and even questions his manhood in the process. Sean Spicer’s alternative facts get a little play, including the tweets where the press secretary reportedly posted the passwords for the account twice, but the main thrust is saved for Trump’s executive orders and his obsession with the size of his inauguration crowd.

Maher calls all of Trump’s executive orders to this point nothing more than “signed tweets” and compared the past week to the last 30-minutes of Goodfellas where Ray Liotta is coked out of his gourd. Both good points after a week full of alarming decisions.

The Trump hits continue later as Maher interview John Avlon about the administration’s war on the media. Avlon corrects Maher by saying Trump isn’t at war with the media, they are at war with the truth. “Truth always wins that war eventually,” according to Avlon after saying he’s outraged at the comments coming from the administration and Steve Bannon — the “populist from Beverly Hills.”

This continues into the “Overtime” segment, focusing on our food purity under the Trump administration — something that was also an issue under Obama — Tulsi Gabbard’s dealings with Syria, and the issues with Buzzfeed posting the details of Trump’s “golden showers” dossier.

(Via Real Time)