Bio channel will be rebranded as ‘FYI’

Bio channel will be rebranded as “FYI”

A&E’s Biography spinoff channel will be converted into an upscale lifestyle channel.

“Arrow” gets Robert Knepper to play a villain

The “Prison Break” alum will play the “Clock King.”

16 female TV characters who were cyberbullied in 2013
From Skyler White to April Kepner to Dana Brody, “it’s hard to be a woman on television without the internet saying horrible and disgusting things about you,” as Kate Aurthur points out.

Simon Cowell mulls doing “The X Factor” 1 night a week

“X Factor” may follow “Dancing with the Stars” with a one episode per week format.

Should SNL’s “I Wish it Was Christmas Today” be considered a classic Christmas song?
The song, which debuted 13 years ago from Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan and Tracy Morgan, has become a “Saturday Night Live” mainstay — and it will probably be featured next week when Fallon returns to host “SNL.”

“Scandal’s” Columbus Short is upset he wasn’t on “The Power Rangers”
He tells Conan he really wanted to be the Black Power Ranger.

Check out the trippy poster for Syfy’s “Helix”
“Play God. Pay the Price,” states the promo for Ron Moore’s new series.

Original “Ironside” star dies
Don Mitchell, 70, played an ex-con turned cop who aided Raymond Burr’s character in the ’70s police drama.

Spike TV orders “Basket Case” from Rob Reiner

Reiner is set to produce a TV series based on the Carl Hiaasen book about an investigative reporter.

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