Bourne is back in first ‘Jason Bourne’ trailer

Matt Damon has returned to his role as Jason Bourne for the upcoming Jason Bourne, and, as the first trailer for the film shows us, he hasn't missed a beat despite eight years away from the role. 

Since The Bourne Ultimatum, a lot has changed on the technology and military intelligence fronts, but Bourne promises it'll be up to speed from the start, with one character worrying that a CIA hack “could be worse than Snowden.”

And then we've got the requisite action and fight scenes and Tommy Lee Jones looking gruff but authoritative before we end on Bourne knocking a guy out with one punch in what appears to be a bare knuckle fight in the middle of a desert. If you've been keeping up, this scene was apparently one of the very first to be shot.

Jason Bourne hits theaters on July 29.