Box Office: ‘Jurassic World’ barely beats ‘Inside Out’ for Fourth of July crown

At the beginning of the year the Fourth of July weekend looked like it would be an epic box office showdown between “Magic Mike XXL” and “Terminator Genisys.”  In fact, many pundits (including this writer) believed “Magic Mike” would easily take the frame.

How wrong we were.

The initial estimates are in and “Jurassic World” snuck by “Inside Out” to win the holiday weekend.  Already the no. 1 movie of the year, he Universal Studios blockbuster made another $30.9 million over the three-day frame for a spectacular $558.1 million so far.  At this pace it seems inevitable that it will surpass “Marvel's The Avengers” for no. 3 and sit behind “Avatar” and “Titanic” on the all-time domestic grossers list.  In fact, surpassing “Titanic's” $658.6 million cume isn't out of the question.

Only $795,000 behind “Jurassic” was Pixar's “Inside Out.” The animated hit took in another $30.1 million for a stellar $246.1 million so far. The potential Best Picture nominee has earned over $363 million globally and may end up as the Disney division's highest grossing picture after “Toy Story 3.”

Arriving at no. 3 was “Terminator: Genisys.” The fifth “Terminator” flick found $28.7 million and has now taken in $44.1 million since its Wednesday debut.  That's substantially less than the $65.3 million “Terminator Salvation” earned over the same span in 2009.  “Genisys” has fared better overseas taking in $85.5 million so far for a $129.6 million global tally.  At a reported budget of $155 million, “Genisys” is going to have to be a big hit internationally to have a shot at breaking even.

Disappointing in fourth was Warner Bros.' “Magic Mike XXL.”  Channing Tatum brought sexy back, but after a strong opening day on Wednesday moviegoers quickly lost interest.  “XXL” took in just $11.6 million over the holiday weekend for a five-day cume of just $26.6 million.  WB will make out OK considering the film's budget was reportedly just $15.5 million, but it's the second misstep for Tatum this year after February's “Jupiter Ascending.”  In hindsight, the studio probably would have been better off with a different weekend or moving “XXL” to a less competitive and non-holiday frame. It's primarily over 25 female audience spent much of the weekend with their families celebrating the holiday.  

Another one of this summer's under performers, “Ted 2,” arrived in fifth.  The Seth MacFarlane comedy dropped 67.2% from its opening weekend for another $11.6 million and $58.3 million in just 10 days.  That seems solid until you realize the original “Ted” had already reached $119.8 million by the end of its second weekend just three years ago.

Notably, A24 debuted the Amy Winehouse documentary “Amy” in limited release to stellar results.  “Amy” earned $222,000 or $37,000 per screen which is an almost unheard of result for a documentary.  

New releases on Friday include “The Gallows,” “Minions,” “Self/Less” and “Amy” will expand nationwide.

Box office actuals are released on Monday.

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