‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ smashing franchise records in overseas markets

Shocker: “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” is making a ton of dough.

The final “Twilight” installment has been breaking franchise records in its preview engagements in several European territories:

In France, the film’s opening-night box-office was up 45% from “Breaking Dawn – Part 1,” coming in at 219,000 admissions or US $1.8 million (as compared with 150,000 admissions for the previous installment).

In the Netherlands, “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” had the “highest pre-day opening” in franchise history with 21,000 admissions (good for $392,000), beating out previous record-holder “Eclipse” which brought in $264,000.

Sweden saw 20,000 attendees to marathon/midnight screenings for the film, also a high for the franchise. That was good for $362,000, beating out “Eclipse”‘s previous record of 17,000 admissions.

Belgium, meanwhile, saw 27,000 admissions, good for $531,000 in box-office. That’s up over 100% from “Breaking Dawn – Part 1,” which saw 13,000 admissions on its opening night last year.

All figures courtesy of Deadline.

“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” opens this Friday in the U.S. Will you be seeing it?