Bryan Cranston’s ‘Sneaky Pete’ coming to Amazon

Amazon Studios has officially picked up “Sneaky Pete.”

The series stars Giovanni Ribisi as a con man who, upon being released from prison, goes back home to his family. Except it isn't his family — he has assumed the identity of his cellmate Pete, who apparently comes from a long line of people who are bad with faces, as they don't recognize their own relative after being estranged from him for 20 years. “Pete” goes about living his new assumed life, a la Dick Whitman/Don Draper or Armin Tamzarian/Principal Skinner, which includes working in the family bail bond business. Hijinks ensue.

Bryan Cranston is an executive producer on the drama, and guest stars in the pilot episode (which you can watch here), with slightly more hair than “Breaking Bad” fans may be used to but the same amount of menace.

CBS passed on the series last spring, so Amazon picked up the pilot, which proved popular. Deadline reported back in September that Amazon ordered it to series, but the news wasn't official until today. The show will premiere in 2016 on Amazon's prime service.