Listen: Britney Spears’ new single ‘Work Bitch’ is built for the club

If you want to be just like Britney Spears, the pop diva herself has some advice for you: “Work Bitch.”

The “Hold It Against Me” songstress’s brand-new tune – the first single from her forthcoming eighth studio album – was suspiciously “leaked” over the weekend, and it may well be the most dance-oriented single in the history of her career, with a driving progressive beat and a distinct lack of pop hooks that make it a perfect club track but perhaps not such a great fit for Top 40 radio.

“You wanna hot body/You want a Bugatti/You want a Maseratti/You better work bitch,” Spears advises in the song’s cartoonishly vapid lyrics, which also extol the virtues of big mansions, French vacations and looking hot in bikinis, among other worldly pursuits. All of which will come, somewhat paradoxically, by dancing less and working more.

In response to the “leak,” “Work Bitch” will now be made available for purchase on iTunes tonight at midnight, 24 hours earlier than previously announced.

Spears, who may or may not be announcing a Las Vegas residency on Tuesday, is currently at work on the new album, which has yet to receive a title or release date.

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