Listen: Britney Spears’ new song ‘Ooh La La’ from ‘The Smurfs 2’

“Take my hand, we can go all night” “It feels so good I don”t want to stop.” “Fingers in my hair and I”m letting go tonight.”

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 Ummm….yes, these are lyrics for a song in a kids” movie, Britney Spears” “Ooh La La” for “The Smurfs 2,” to be exact…and we”re sure that your 6-year old won”t even think to ask you what any of those mean. Seriously.

Otherwise, it”s a sweet, slight, little love song about loving someone for their true blue self. For some reason that”s inexplicable, the song is really three songs in one:

The first segment is pure pop with a bit of electonica thrown in, a little Avril Lavigne-ish.

The second segment features Spears speak-singing, Ke$ha style, over an electro-clash beat that kids will either love or be scared by: “”Mommy, why does it sound like Britney is mad at us?”

The third, the acoustic-guitar-driven part is fluffy, retro pop that sounds like Madonna from her early-’80s period. Nice and innocent and feather-light, in a good way.

Then rinse and repeat and wait for another wacky breakdown toward the end of the five-minute tune.

In other words, quite frankly, anyone could have done this song. There”s nothing particularly “Britney” about it, other than the fact that her vocals are autotuned within an inch of their life and are emotionally flat.

We wish the song, co-written by Katy Perry tunesmith Bonnie McKee, had just focused on the poppy third act, which is far and away the catchiest part. Speaking of Perry, she returns in her role as Smurfette in the film, which opens July 31.

Expect more new music from Spears: As we reported yesterday, she and executive producer will.i.am are headed into the studio next week to begin recording her next album.

What do you think of “Ooh La La?”