Bryan Singer hints at future ‘X-Men’ crossovers with another superhero team

Even interviews have extended cuts these days. In an interview with Yahoo! Movies, Bryan Singer answered fan questions. Including a peek behind the curtain at the possible future of both the X-Men and the Fantastic Four franchises when a fan asked if the two teams would ever cross paths in a future film:

That would be a natural mash-up because they”re both ensemble films. And there is a mechanism by which to do it but I don”t want to give it away. It deals with time, but that”s all I”m going to say.

Singer goes on to hedge that nothing has been set in motion and everything about a future X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover would depend on how their stand-alone movies perform. But the ideas are definitely in play.

(Something our Drew McWeeny called weeks ago, by the way.)

Of course, Singer is burying the lede here. While a crossover could be cool (sound off in the comments if you disagree), the key takeaway here is the mechanism is already in place. If Singer is utilizing Apocalypse”s ability to travel through time and/or open rifts in reality, that could explain why the likes of Magneto and Professor Xavier don”t appear to be aging (and why Magneto is dressed to go to a Nirvana concert in the released stills). Time-hopping could also explain why Psylocke and Storm are in straight-up comic book costume regalia while Mystique and Quicksilver are in tactical gear.

But whatever is going on, at least Magneto is TOTALLY Quicksilver”s dad.

A lot more of his relationship with Magneto – Erik Lehnsherr – who is in fact his father. We see a sequence that is different. Much, much larger in scale [than the one in “First Class”]. Unlike before where [Quicksilver] abandons the story early, in this case he follows through right to the very end. Almost. We”ll see.

You can”t argue with the Word of God™.