Buckle up for the first ‘Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation” teaser

Early Sunday (March 22) morning, the first trailer for “Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation” arrived in a fireball of stunts, exotic locations and one-liners.

The teaser for the Christopher McQuarrie-directed presumptive blockbuster leads with Alec Baldwin and features a surprising amount of what I *think* is Rebecca Ferguson and introduces the basic concept of a rogue IMF known as The Syndicate. [It also appears not to feature any supplementary punctuation between the “Impossible” and the “Rogue.”]

It's brief, so the coolest part is Tom Cruise dangling from the side of a plane, because you know Tom Cruise must've actually dangled from a plane.

“Mission Impossible Rogue Nation” opens on July 31, 2015. Check out the teaser above.

You pumped?