‘Bumblebee’ Packs A Lot Of Heart And Will Surprise And Delight Longtime Transformers Fans

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12.08.18 4 Comments


I’m as surprised as anyone that I’m about to write this sentence, but here it goes anyway: Bumblebee is a delight.

It looks so weird! I’m just staring at that sentence and I can’t wrap my head around it! I just used the word “delight” in the same sentence as a new Transformers movie. What a world. But that’s where we are with Bumblebee, director Travis Knight and screenwriter Christina Hodson’s kinder and gentler version of a Transformers movie. Or, maybe a better way to put it is, “a coherent and crass-less version of a Transformers movie.”

The first five minutes of Bumblebee made me cheer and applaud more than any five-minute sequence in a would-be blockbuster movie this year. These first five minutes are basically Transformers porn for anyone who has ever wanted to see the mid-80s, Generation One version of the Transformers on a movie theater screen. The trailer showed us a few glimpses of this with the old school looking Soundwave, on Cybertron, ejecting his cassette tape attack dog, Ravage, against the Autobots (yep, that familiar Soundwave voice is there) but, oh, there’s sooooo much more. It’s an entire cavalcade of Autobots and Decepticons the way we saw them in the original More Than Meets The Eye animated series. (Honestly, part of me wants to call this “fan service,” because it certainly does service longtime fans. But is just “presenting characters as they were originally intended” fan service? I’ve decided I’m for it. But, whatever, this is only the first five minutes of the movie.)

Optimus Prime orders Bumblebee to flee Cybertron and look for a safe hiding place so the Autobots can all rendezvous later. And, yes, this planet happens to be Earth, circa 1987. Boy, I hope you like ‘80s music, because you’re going to get a a lot of ‘80s music. The good news is, other than some obligatory a-Ha, these aren’t the ‘80s songs we always hear in movies set during the 1980s. (At least, I certainly don’t remember hearing Bon Jovi’s “Runaway” anytime recently.)

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