No, really, Jon Snow is a dead person. But…

07.30.15 4 years ago

There are some “Game of Thrones” fans who can't believe Jon Snow died in the finale episode of this past season. This disbelief has turned to conspiracy.

There are some who won't believe, because maybe Jon Snow could come back as, I dunno, a White Walker, or an abominable snowman or a cloud shaped like a rabbit. A dead person could — in a land of black magic and dragons — be resurrected.

But according to HBO programming president Michael Lombardo, Snow the Crow is “dead is dead is dead.”

“He be dead. Um, yes. Everything I”ve seen heard and read, Jon Snow is indeed dead,” said Lombardo during a very informative HBO Television Critics Association session today (July 30).

STILL. With the side-eye…



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