Watch: Calvin Harris’ new video for ‘Blame,’ featuring John Newman

Pretty things populate Scottish DJ Calvin Harris”s new  Emil Nava-directed video, “Blame,” featuring British singer John Newman.

And bless their hearts, while the men in the video all have enough money to afford clothes, most of these poor things only have enough cash to afford bras, undies, garter belts, stockings and very high heels. Let”s throw a fundraiser for them, shall we? Surely if we did that, it would wipe the petulant pouts off their face as they wait in line to get into the club. Hey, at least the end of the video reveals where these girls disappear to, like vampires, before sunrise.

The club anthem”s most distinguishing feature is Newman”s ability to stretch the word “night” into five syllables. “Summer” it is not, although we're intrigued by the guilt implied in the “I'll be better this time” refrain.