Candlebox are back with a new song ‘Believe In It,’ son

03.21.12 7 years ago

The rise and reunion of all hard rock bands made popular from the 1990s is a nearly complete endeavor, with Candlebox already on board and preparing another effort As outlined below, though, let’s remember that the group wasn’t gone all that long.

Cuddly-soft titled “Love Stories & Other Musings” is due on April 3, tipping off with single “Believe In It.” It features the overdriven mastering that so many commercial rock songs these days have grown accustomed to, plus the work-hard-love-hard positivity of Kevin Martin.

“There’s one thing we need in this world we need, son, is love and patience,” he bro-dudes.

The upshot is my ever-increasing appreciation of well-made lyric videos, to offer some subtleties and clarity when lyrics are so oblique, son.

What somewhat separates Candlebox from peers like Bush, Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots is that they were gone for only a short while: the original lineup of the band released album “Into the Sun” in 2008; it arrived two years after the band re-formed, and that was six years after they split. So they’ve been here. And maybe now they’re more here-here with a new label home.

“Love Stories” will be out through AudioNest, which launched a couple years back in conjunction with EMI and Union Entertainment Group. UEG is better known for their managerial prowess, in backing Nickelback. It makes sense for this departure in sound.

This new album features nine new tracks and reworks of hit songs like “Cover Me” and “Far Behind.”

Candlebox will be touring in support of the album, starting in April; check all dates here.

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