‘Cash Cab’s’ Ben Bailey to host NBC’s ‘Who’s Still Standing?’

“Cash Cab’s” Ben Bailey is set to host a new NBC gameshow called “Who”s Still Standing?”

Contestants will compete for $1,000,000 in prizes in a series of fast-paced trivia battles. Players will also face physical obstacles, such as trap doors, if an answer is wrong. The show is based on an Israeli series called, simply, “Still Standing”.

“Ben is clever, entertaining and a huge authority in the trivia world,” said NBC exec Paul Telegdy. “Through its questions, this series taps into so many areas of knowledge and consistently builds to a drop, so everyone at home will enjoy playing along.”

“I am really psyched to be hosting this new show ‘Who”s Still Standing?” because it”s totally unlike any other show,” said Bailey. “Contestants can win up to a million bucks but they could also drop through the floor, literally. It”s got great trivia, it”s got big money prizes, and it”s got real action and on top of all that, I don”t have to deal with driving in any traffic. I am really excited and I can”t wait for people to see it.”