Casting minorities as white characters is not a double standard. Here’s why.

Diversity has been in the forefront of the conversation lately. #OscarsSoWhite is straight up dominating on the “serious” side of the business. Meanwhile there has been push for Asian-American Iron Fist and a general conversation about inclusivity on the superhero side. Yet whenever the conversation comes up, there”s always someone(s) who come along and question why it even matters. Luckily there is a handy – and delicious – visual metaphor that can explain it.

I”ve linked many times to Time Machine? YEAH! fantastic analogy about how whitewashing is never okay. But people don”t always click because that takes effort and we”re all busy. But in light of some truly strange happenings in Hollywood recently – looking at you, casting of Joseph Fiennes as MICHAEL JACKSON – it seems imperative to get this message to a wide audience.

So the next time someone asks why can”t a white person play Martin Luther King Jr. if we”re going to cast a black actor as James Bond, show them this. If they still don”t get it? Write them off.

Once again, bless you Time Machine? YEAH! for this most important visual representation of inclusion.