Catching up on ‘The Hunger Games’: new tracks from Taylor Swift and Kid Cudi

We took our eye off “Hunger Games” ball for a second this week and we missed the two latest tracks from the March 20 soundtrack.

Check out this rhythmic, spare haunting track from Kid Cudi, “The Ruler & The Killer.” It”s Cudi, a drum, a fuzzy guitar and a lot of menace. It”s sinister and dark, as Cudi warns “You don”t talk, you”ll say nothing, okay,” as the song builds and builds.

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We also got Taylor Swift”s second contribution following “Safe & Sound” with The Civil Wars. “Eyes Open” is far more uptempo than “Safe & Sound” and doesn”t sound musically as far away from a typical Swift song. However, the lyrics deal with what were once childish games are now games of life and death so even when “you”re sleeping, keeping your eyes open.” Or as she sings, “ey-ey-eyes.”

What do you think of the two latest tunes? Do you like them as much as “Safe & Sound,” and the songs from Arcade Fire and The Decemberists? 

“The Hunger Games” opens in theaters March 23.

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