Cate Blanchett is bringing the Rathergate realness in first ‘Truth’ image

Is Cate Blanchett going for the triple crown this year?  The two-time Academy Award winner already delighted audiences as the wicked, but semi-sympathetic step mother in Kenneth Branaugh”s live action “Cinderella” in March.  In May she earned critical acclaim for her work as the title character in Todd Haynes” “Carol.”  The Weinstein Company is going to release that highly anticipated awards player in November.  But, Blanchett fans can rejoice because they”ll have one more shot to enjoy the incredible Aussie”s talents before the end of 2015 and it promises to tell the “Truth.”

Sony Pictures Classics announced today that “Truth,” James Vanderbilt”s directorial debut, will open in New York and Los Angeles on Oct. 16.   Based on a true story, the new drama chronicles the final days of legendary CBS News anchor Dan Rather (Robert Redford) as both he and the network deal with the ramifications of a 2004 report that stated President George W. Bush avoided service in the Vietnam War thanks to his family”s connections.  

Blanchett plays Mary Maples, a longtime news producer and journalist who spearheaded the controversial report.  The movie is also based on Maples” memoir (“Truth and Duty”) that, in theory, would mean the film might be from her point of view more than Rather”s.  In either case, it”s another juicy role for Blanchett that might have her competing against herself once again for Oscar gold.  That”s not to say there isn”t some skepticism about the picture.

With a cast that also includes Topher Grace, Elisabeth Moss, Dennis Quaid and Bruce Greenwood we”re hoping for the best, but Vanderbilit”s track record is sketchy.  While he wrote the script for David Fincher”s “Zodiac,” his screenwriting credits also include such winners as “Amazing Spider-Man,” “White House Down” and “The Losers.”

The “Truth” might be revealed at the Telluride Film Festival over Labor Day Weekend or during a possible premiere at the New York Film Festival.  If neither occur it will raise many, many eyebrows.  In the meantime, enjoy the first image of the flick featuring two cinematic legends embedded at the bottom of this post.