Of course Cate Blanchett would do another Woody Allen movie

LOS ANGELES – Her comment came as a drive-by on the Independent Spirit Awards red carpet, but Cate Blanchett had no hesitation.

Querying if she would work on another Woody Allen movie, the “Blue Jasmine” star replied, “If he asked. I'm lucky to have done this one.”

The public eye has been on Allen recently since the renewal of Dylan Farrow's child molestation allegations, with experts saying it's marred the filmmaker's chances of taking home awards for categories like best screenplay. However, Blanchett's star hasn't lost it's shine if the Spirits were any indication: she won Best Actress at the ceremony yesterday (March 1).

Watch our quick clip above. Off-camera, Sally Hawkins echoed Blanchett's sentiments, saying she'd love to work with Allen again, too.