CBS’ Les Moonves: ‘We are the center of the universe’

CBS’ Les Moonves: “We are the center of the universe”

“This is where the shows start, then they go out to the world,” said the CBS boss, responding to Jimmy Kimmel calling the network  “smug motherf**kers.” “We’re getting paid in so many different ways than we did before.”

CBS addresses rejecting “NCIS: Red” and “Beverly Hills Cop”
“We have to make tough choices,” CBS President Nina Tassler said of the “Cop” non-pickup. As for “Red,” she said, “Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.” PLUS: See Josh Holloway as a CBS cop, and “The Millers” loses Michael Rapaport and Mary Elizabeth Ellis.

TBS is developing a talk show with Diablo Cody
The “Juno” screenwriter would host “Me Time with Diablo Cody,” which will examine pop-culture and Hollywood from Cody’s perspective. 

“Idol” winner’s album will be out this summer
Viewers can order immediately after Thursday’s finale.

Sarah Shahi is joining “Person of Interest” full-time

She’ll become a series regular next season.

TNT and TBS to offer live-streaming on their websites and on apps
Live-streaming will be available this summer to cable and satellite subscribers.

Read an oral history of “The Office”
TV Guide spoke to everybody involved.

Netflix reveals “Arrested Development’s” Tobias Fünke’s acting reel
A special website, InsertMeAnywhere.Biz, has been created for the David Cross character.

TBS and TNT unveil their development slate
They include shows from Steven Spielberg, Steve Carell, Sylvester Stallone and Frank Darabont. PLUS: TNT developing a “Monopoloy” game show.

Watch Taylor Swift’s “New Girl” cameo

It involved a wedding, but not  “Speak Now.”