CBS President: We’re still open to superhero shows despite ‘Supergirl’ departure

While Supergirl may not have worked out at CBS, with the show moving to The CW after its first season, don”t count out the Tiffany Network just yet when it comes to the superhero game.

At the Television Critics Association press tour, CBS Entertainment president Glenn Geller said the network would have no hesitation getting back into that arena “if we heard the right superhero pitch, and we thought it was for us.” Geller later noted they currently have nothing pending when he added, “We haven”t heard anything yet.”

Supergirl started off well for CBS, with nearly 13 million viewers turning in to the October 2015 premiere. But ratings quickly dropped. By the season finale in April 2016, it had its second-lowest viewership of the season, with just over 6 million tuning in.

After Season 1 ended, CBS announced the program was moving to The CW and, in a cost-savings maneuver, production was headed to Vancouver from Los Angeles.

Supergirl will make its CW debut on October 10.