Celebrate ‘Game of Thrones’ Official Hate Joffrey Day With These Festive Images

Today marks an important – and hopefully annual – holiday. All across social media, people are celebrating our shared loathing of one of the most repulsive villains to ever grace our culture with #RoastJoffrey. Just remember, this well-written reprehensible teenager is played by the incredibly talented and sweet Jack Gleeson who is nothing like his alter ego.

The official Game of Thrones twitter kicked off the holiday with this poem.

But hatred of the King of the Seven Kingdoms cannot be contained to a single rhyme.

Via: Sexwith-TryionLannister

When it comes to royalty, he is literally the worst.

Via: Droprate

And so whiny.

Via: Dunicha

Seriously, he makes this guy look like a paragon of restraint and maturity.

Via: Zombieslayer-Werewolfdirectioner

There are some villains that are relatable or sympathetic…Joffrey is not among their ranks.

Via: The Girl Who Waited At 221B

He even turns upstanding citizens into theoretical child murderers.

Via: Ham Pow Pow

Man he’s a privileged idiot.

Via: Hodor Hodor Hodooor

Probably because his family tree does not fork.

Via: Mrradtastic

Pro-Tip: If you have to petulantly declare your right to rule, you should probably be worried.

Via: Beeftink

Especially if this is a successful business model.

Via: Accio Vamp


Sometimes, shows will low-ball fans an easy choice.

Via: Wyrgot

And sometimes they’ll actively seek to make our day brighter.

Via: Krosea

Of course, none of this would have happened if Batman had taken care of him.

Via: Hodor Hodor Hodooor

But that’s okay, Dexter will fix it.

Via: xxgeekpr0nxx