Celebrate the life of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ with its single best moment

The CW just confirmed that “America's Next Top Model,” arguably the most consistently entertaining reality series of the 21st century, is over. The Tyra Banks-hosted catwalk competition will end after its 22nd cycle airs.

But we'll never forget the single best “ANTM” moment.

Forget Tyra screaming, “We were rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!” Forget the greatness of YaYa DaCosta and Eva Pigford. Forget the range of unforgettable judges, including Janice Dickinson and Twiggy. Just remember this.

Remember that “ANTM” physically knocked a model off a runway with a pendulum. And that the judges pretended to recoil in horror when that snafu is exaaaaactly why they staged it in the first place. Unforgettable TV.

Thanks for the greatness, Tyra and crew. We know you'll make a loving, fantastic statement even though you're not here to make friends.