Channing Tatum wants his ‘X-Men’ spin-off ‘Gambit’ to do ‘something different’

(CBR) It”s been a few months since we heard any talk of Gambit from Channing Tatum, so MTV made sure to ask the “Book of Life” star about the status of the Fox film. The actor revealed he”s been working with the producers on a potential story for the X-Man from New Orleans, and he mentioned they are still in the process of finding a writer.

“I don”t want to give too much away because we don”t know that much right now other than who Gambit is,” Tatum said. “We really do want to try our hardest to give something fresh. We”re obviously going to go to the saving the world superhero movies eventually, but maybe not for the first one. We kinda want to introduce this character in a different way. When you try to do something different, you never know right off the bat what that is.”

Tatum”s campaign to play the Cajun dates back to the “White House Down” press tour, when he would hijack co-star Jamie Foxx”s “Amazing Spider-Man 2” questions to talk about Gambit. Now Gambit updates have become a regular part of Tatum”s press rounds. With “Deadpool” getting a solo movie, “Gambit” might not be too far behind.