Check out Harley Quinn Wield the Needle on the ‘Suicide Squad’ Set

It's getting real on the set of the most anticipated superhero mash-up of the year.  Earlier this week, cast member Joel Kinnaman documented his branding with a “Skwad” tattoo from the needle of co-star Will Smith.

Well, the Skwad'ing seems to be running rampant on the set, and it's not only the cast who are at danger of being permanently marked as Squadmates.  Today, director David Ayer tweeted his own branding ceremony, at the hands of Harley Quinn portrayer Margot Robbie.  Moments later, co-star Jai Courtney's new marks were revealed to the world. 

A shocking leap of faith in the upcoming film.  But can these markings be real?  Will the squadmates be marked forever by their time on the set?

Check out the pictures and the results below and beware the Suicide Squad set if you want to keep your arm pristine.