Check out Paramore’s new song, ‘Renegade’

Paramore debuted a spanking new song, “Renegade,” last night at Fueled By Ramen”s 15th Anniversary party in New York.

The driving song is a straight-ahead rocker, but falls safely in Paramore”s sweet spot. As Hayley Williams” sings, she”s a “renegade” and “always will” be.

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The group, who released its first album on Fueled By Ramen in 2005, performed primarily songs that it has built its career on at the shindig, including “In The Mourning,”  “My Heart,”  “Brick By Boring Brick,” and “The Only Exception,” according to Billboard.

Along with “Renegade,” Paramore recently released “Monster,” featured in “Transformers:” Dark of the Moon, but no word when the band”s follow-up 2009″s “Brand New Eyes” will come out.