Cher blasts label via Twitter for not “caring” about her album

“Closer to the Truth,” Cher”s first studio album since 2002″s “Living Proof,”  debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 when it was released in September, but it failed to make much of a splash after its initial bow.

Five months later, the album has sold 285,000 copies, according to Billboard, and that”s making Cher unhappy with her label.

Today, she took to Twitter to express her displeasure with Warner Bros., and with the distribution of the new video for the album track, “Take It Like A Man,” which reached No. 2 on Billboard”s Dance Club Songs chart.

Cher tweets:

“Just read mean TILAM review. The video has nothing 2 do with me. I was told it would only be shown in gay bars.”


She then goes on to say, “It”s true WB”s hasn”t got a great deal of interest in my CD,” before clarifying that it”s the higher ups that seem to have lost interest. “Not all, There R hard working adorable people,” she says. “But the decision makers don”t seem 2Care that much. It”s OK. YHSTLOM.”  (We haven”t figured out that last acronym yet.).


After  fan responded that it wasn”t OK, Cher assured her that it was and that she stood by the album. “I”m proud of my work. SO if you love the CD, I did my job! P.S.: New songs kick major ass in show. Some WBs ppl  r “special” 2 me.”


Cher starts her Dressed to Kill concert tour March 22 in Phoenix.

In addition to “Take It Like A Man,” “first single “Woman”s World” reached the top of the Dance Club Songs chart.