Listen: Cher debuts new single ‘Woman’s World’ for ‘everybody in the club’

Proving a dance diva’s work is never done, Cher debuted her new long awaited new single, the club-friendly single “Woman’s World” early Thanksgiving morning on her official website.  The Oscar, Grammy, Golden Globe and Emmy-Award winning icon hasn’t had a top 10 single since 2002’s “Song for the Lonely.” In fact, her last notable release was a remix of the “Burlesque” soundtrack single “You Haven’t Seen The Last of Me” which went to no. 1 on the Dance Club charts two years ago.  Perhaps that’s what spurned the 66-year-old diva to return to the dance floor.

A minute of the single leaked in October and Cher took to twitter (where anyone who follows her knows she has no filter) and stressed that it wasn’t the final mix.  Details on who wrote and produced the new single are unclear, but it’s expected to be included on a new album Cher says will be released in January. There is no word yet on when the single itself will be available for download.

As the title would suggest, “Woman’s World” is a female empowerment themed track where Cher reflects that she’s been “broken down and kicked around,” but proudly exclaims, “I’m stronger. Strong enough to rise above. This is a woman’s world.”

And while the chorus is dominated by “This is a woman’s world,” Cher repeats the mantras: “All the woman in the world stand up come together now” and “Everybody in the club stand up come together now.” 

It’s a catchy track that will certainly make her fans happy and could get some gay club play, but is it really the beginning of another comeback?  It’s been 13 years since “Believe” stunned the entertainment world by hitting no. 1.  She’s been discounted before.  We’re just thrilled she can still belt it out like the youngsters out there.

“Hear the truth” and check out “Woman’s World” on this direct link.

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