Choose your side: ‘Warcraft’ poster divides the world into Alliance and Horde

The “Warcraft” movie has been a long time coming. But when you”re coordinating a film franchise with the most popular MMO in history – over 100 million accounts have been created in World Of Warcraft since its inception – that a lot of moving parts that have to align perfectly.

But with the “Warlords of Draenor” expansion building to its climax and the release date for “Warcraft” looming on the horizon, Blizzard is finally ready to release the poster…and a date for the official trailer!

Image Credit: Twitter

Along with the official poster (FOR THE HORDE!), Blizzard announced the first “Warcraft” trailer will drop during BlizzCon this Friday, November 6th. A handful of still sfrom the film were also released, including the one below. The amount of detail that went into the finalized version of the motion-capture characters is next level!

Image Credit: Legendary Pictures

Having played World of Warcraft for nearly a decade, it”s almost surreal to see the likes of Lothar and Durotan on the big screen. Yet for all my excitement, the tagline “Two World, One Home” made me think of this:

“Warcraft” arrives in theaters on June 10, 2016.