Chris Evans Roasted Himself By Posting His ‘First Headshot,’ And Marvel Fans Are Gleefully Piling On

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An Avengers: Endgame spoiler is right below.

Chris Evans may no longer officially be Captain America after the big shield handoff, but he will always earn nothing but respect as the People’s Cap (or, at least, as “America’s Ass”) from many fans. Anthony Mackie’s got quite the set of serum-injected shoes to fill, but it’s remarkable after Evans’ Marvel tenure how much more easygoing he appears to be. Seriously, Evans’ early Marvel movies were always prefaced with existentially-tinged interviews where he appeared to be on the verge of a nervous meltdown. He’s so much looser these days after embracing his success, and comic-book movie fans adore him.

Case in point: Evans decided to do a “throwback Thursday” by posting his “first headshot,” to which he added, “Apparently I was hoping to be cast as a dickhead.” Given that he started popping up in Hollywood roles during his late teens (even before 2001’s Not Another Teen Movie), this photo must have been captured during that era.

The replies to this tweet were off the hook, to say the least. Especially on point was this response: “Hah! ?⚡️ aims for dickhead, lands Capn America ??‍♂️”

People (including Halsey, who enjoyed the Evans earring) soon joined into the self-roasting of Evans with other “ideal” headshots and some GIFs.

Self-deprecation. It’s a beautiful thing!