Chris Hardwick on accusations he’s not a ‘real nerd’ and his thoughts on ‘Doctor Who’

LOS ANGELES – Nerdist founder and “Talking Dead” host Chris Hardwick runs a thriving geek empire – so how does he find time to keep up with everything that's out there? Answer: it's not easy.

“At a certain point when you're making a lot of stuff, you have to actually remember to take time to be a consumer of things again,” said Hardwick while stopping by for a chat with me on the Emmys red carpet. “Which is why you started in the first place. So it is hard when, you know, if someone says, 'Have you seen such and such?' and I'm like 'No,' and they're like, 'You're not a real nerd!' And I go, 'yeah, I know, because I have a job! I have a couple jobs!'”

So what did he think of the new “Doctor Who” starring Peter Capaldi? And what does his dream tux look like? Watch the full interview above (and please excuse my pitiful microphone skills).