Chris Hemsworth Performed An Insane Surfing Trick And Shared It On Instagram

Chris Hemsworth contains multitudes. Sure, he’s best known these days for playing Thor in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, but the actor is also a surprisingly versatile comedian, a husband, a dad, and a conservationist. If that weren’t enough, the Australian is also a bodaciously radical, totally tubular surfer. And not just any surfer. Hemsworth went diving off of Sea Doo and into the kind of wave generally reserved for films about a underdog coming from behind to win the surfing trophy.

Anyone who’s familiar with Hemsworth’s social media knows the man loves his surfing. But while video has surfaced before of the actor in action, and his Instagram is littered with visual love letters to both the oceans of Australia and surfboards, there’s a distinct difference between paddling out to sea to wait for a wave and diving headfirst off a moving vehicle and hoping for the best.

Now, Hemsworth has starred in movies about the ocean (In the Heart of the Sea) and in comedies (Ghostbusters) and in sports movies (Rush). What he hasn’t starred in is a sports comedy about the ocean. With the skills Hemsworth shows off in his Instagram video, I have just one question: Why the hell not? Come on, Hollywood. This is just money on the table. Here, I’ll make it even easier for you. Have Hemsworth’s rival surfer be Dwayne Johnson. The money practically prints itself!