Chris Hemsworth trusts Whedon for ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ and teases Mann’s ‘Cyber’

11.04.13 6 years ago

LONDON – There is something refreshingly humble about Chris Hemsworth. In this business you quickly hear who is difficult to work with either on set or when making the publicity rounds.  Hemsworth?  Well, imagine you’ve been cast as one of the premier members of Marvel Studios “The Avengers.”  You’re getting your own franchise feature film. And, the next thing you know, your co-star (Tom Hiddleston) not only steals the first movie he becomes so popular he’s almost the top draw for the sequel. If any of this is bothering Hemsworth’s ego it isn’t showing. Instead, he’s all smiles and – seemingly – no drama as he enjoys the impressive directions his career continues to take.

The 30-year-old Aussie sat down to talk about his latest Marvel blockbuster, “Thor: The Dark World,” in-between shooting the new Ron Howard period epic “Heart of the Sea” in London last month.  “The Dark World” is the third time he’s played the God of Thunder and it was the appropriate time to ask just how well he knows the character this time around.

“There is a huge familiarity obviously. Slightly less anxiety in how we are going to play it. It’s set in motion now. The challenge is to do something different,” Hemsworth says. “I love it. I love working with this cast and to be following off ‘The Avengers.’ That’s such an opportunity for all of us coming off those films.”

Following Kenneth Branagh’s career comeback helming the first “Thor” film, Marvel went in a different direction bringing on “Game of Thrones” veteran Alan Taylor into the mix. And, Hemsworth admits Taylor had his own vision for Thor’s pocket of the Marvel Universe.

“I think he wanted to make Asgard seem like a real place. He wanted these gods to be accessible and human like,” Hemsworth says. “That’s actually been the goal with all of them, but being able to come at it the third time around the advantages [are] ‘O.K., how further can we go now?’ ‘What has already been established?’  [Taylor] wanted to find as many relatable storylines and character traits that people could identify with and not just have it be about ‘What’s your superpower?’ and ‘How high can you fly?'”

Hemsworth adds, “When you break this down you could have this story in a little intimate setting in a village somewhere and it would be a small drama.”

After he finishes shooting “Heart of the Sea,” Hemsworth will get a short break before production ramps up on the highly anticipated “Avengers” sequel, “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Even with all his experience playing Thor, Hemsworth says he still looks to director and writer Joss Whedon to bring more to the table.

“I’m also well aware that he’s one of the best writers there is and I’m more going ‘What have you got for me?’ and excited to see it,” Hemsworth says. “He seeks our advice, but for the most part he’s on track.”

For more on Hemsworth’s take on “Thor: The Dark World” and to hear him discuss on his role in Michael Mann’s new thriller “Cyber” watch the interview embedded at the top of this post.

“Thor: The Dark World” opens nationwide and in IMAX on Friday.

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