Chris Pratt opens up jars of pickles in his ‘SNL’ promos

Chris Pratt opens up jars of pickles in his “SNL” promos
Watch the “Parks and Rec” star endure Kate McKinnon”s “creepiness.”

ABC and NBC are vying to bring Eva Longoria back to TV
NBC has offered the former “Desperate Housewives” star “Telenovela,” a sitcom that takes place behind the scenes of a telenovela that will use the resources of sister network Telemundo. ABC, meanwhile, is offering Longoria a comedy from the team behind “Trophy Wife.”

“The Sopranos” alum Michael Imperioli joins Amazon”s “Mad Dogs” pilot from “The Shield” creator
He”ll join Steve Zahn, Romany Malco and Ben Chaplin in a Shawn Ryan drama about a group of former frat brothers whose vacation to Belize is interrupted by murder and a psychotic gang.

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NBC cast a Native American actress for “Peter Pan Live”s!” Tiger Lily
The Peacock avoided any potential controversy with the casting of Alanna Saunders, who is a member of the Cherokee Nation.

Meredith Vieira had the 3rd-biggest daytime talk show opening in 4 years
Her numbers rank up there with the debuts of Katie Couric, Queen Latifah and Steve Harvey.

Jimmy Fallon plays “Box of Lies” with Kerry Washington
Watch them try to stump each other with items in mystery boxes.