Chris Pratt Battling Darth Vader In A Bathrobe Counts As A Star Wars Audition, Right?

Everyone starts somewhere. It just so happens that when that “someone” is a celebrity, their “somewhere” is usually captured for posterity, lurking in the darkness until someone uncovers it and shares it with the world at large, probably to the humiliation of said celebrity. On that note, let’s talk about how this ancient Xbox commercial proves Chris Pratt should be in a Star Wars movie!

A little background: Back in ye olden days of 2012, Microsoft released an abomination known as Kinect Star Wars, featuring a mini-game which allowed the likes of Han Solo and Lando Calrissian to take a break from fighting the Empire and just dance it out.

But Star Wars disco was only one aspect of the Kinect game. Other activities included pod racing and lightsaber battles. It’s the latter where beloved Hollywood goofball Chris Pratt comes in. Before he got ripped for Guardians of the Galaxy, Pratt played average Joe Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation. He also moonlighted as a Jedi Knight in commercials for subpar video games, as rediscovered by ComicBook. Watching a two-minute ad for a defunct motion-game might sound like a bad idea. But I promise you, it isn’t.

Now I know Pratt’s schedule is booked solid between Jurassic World 2 and approximately three dozen more Avengers films, but surely there is room in a galaxy far, far away for a lone Jedi who processes his grief at the loss of everything he’s ever known through gallows humor and physical comedy right? Surely Pratt’s former director Colin Trevorrow — who is scheduled to direct Star Wars: Episode IX — can put in a good word for the man?