Classic Lois Lane actress not a fan of what Snyder did to Amy Adams in ‘Man of Steel’

We know Superman”s next outing on the big screen won”t be until Justice League (barring a cameo in Wonder Woman). But long before Henry Cavill put on the blue suit and watched disinterestedly while a courtroom exploded around him, Christopher Reeve played a very different version of the iconic superhero in 1978″s Superman. As the decades passed and movie-goer tastes changed, Clark Kent got a major personality change. And he wasn”t the only one. Sometime between Superman and Man of Steel, ace reporter Lois Lane also received a complete overhaul. One that doesn”t sit well with original Lois Lane actress Margot Kidder.

In a recent interview with Hey U Guys, Kidder was asked about her thoughts on Amy Adams” portrayal of Lois. Needless to say, she was not impressed with how the writers handled things.

“They took one of the best American actresses” around, Amy Adams, and didn”t give her anything to do! I mean, how stupid is that? They made her what used to be the girlfriend, which kind of ended in the 60s with women”s rights.”

She”s not wrong. Adams turned in great performances in both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but there”s only so much she could do with what she was given. Snyder”s version of Lois seems to exist solely to oscillate between spewing exposition, being rescued, and doing things (such as throwing a kryptonite spear into a body of water) because the plot told her too. Lois Lane deserves better than that.

In the same interview, Kidder also derided how corporate superhero franchises have become and that turning Superman into a cynical character was a result of “artistic decisions [being made] by non-artists.” But she”s also not above returning to her roots if other DC TV shows would have her.

“I don”t have a career I need to worry about protecting. My life has nothing to do with movies anymore[…] [I]t would be fun to fly-in and do a couple of days work.” Personally, I”d love to see her as the Vice President to Lydna Carter”s President on Supergirl. Just sayin”.