Pixar reaches Peak Cuteness in this clip with Baby Dory

If you thought Pixar had already reached max adorableness with Boo and WALL•E and Squirt, Finding Dory proved you wrong on that account. Big-eyed Baby Dory is Pixar at Peak Cuteness.

The sequel to Finding Nemo opens with a sequence featuring Dory”s parents patiently supporting their little memory-challenged blue tang.

Trailers and other promotional footage for Finding Dory held back from revealing Baby Dory (we did hear her voice, supplied by young Sloane Murray in her first screen credit). Now Disney has released a clip from this opening scene online so you can melt at the sight of widdle Dory on your computer. Also in this clip are Dory”s mom and dad, voiced by Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy, who became Pixar“s way of excellently representing parents raising children with a learning disability.

Check out the clip below to learn about Dory”s first squishy love and see how her short-term memory loss makes playing hide-and-go-seek a bit of a challenge:

Finding Dory broke box office records this weekend with the biggest U.S. opening ever for an animated film. Looks like it”s well on its way to becoming the fifth animated movie to cross the $1 billion mark worldwide, as box office experts speaking with HitFix earlier this month predicted.

Oh, and here”s your PSA and friendly reminder to not go looking to put a Dory-lookalike in your fish bowl at home. The blue tang – unlike the orange clownfish – cannot be bred in captivity, so increased demand for the fish with the release of Finding Dory poses a risk to coral reefs and tropical fish populations.