Ben Affleck is the sexiest accountant ever

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The best part of this trailer is when Anna Kendrick's character approaches Ben's Affleck's The Accountant (!) as if he's this really awkward person and not one of the sexiest men alive. Ben Affleck, whose body language is closed off but not particularly off putting, shows off his pocket protector, therefore, establishing his status as a freakazoid. Never mind that everything else Ben's character is wearing is fine, that he's well groomed, and his pocket protector is hidden so as not to alarm the general public; this man is a total geek, apparently. Anna Kendrick gently regards him as if he's Milton from Office Space. Except he's clearly Ben Affleck! 

From my understanding of the trailer, Ben Affleck plays an autistic man who once had terrible parents, and is now an accountant for various illegal crime organizations but has confusing plan to mow them all down with an Uzi (or another gun, I'm not up on my guns). He prefers that his sunny side up eggs never touch the bacon on his plate. He intensely writes numbers on a dry erase boards. He occasionally wears a pair of fetching glasses. NERD! WEIRDO! CREEP! I don't buy this at all. I'm sorry, I just don't. I kept waiting for Anna Kendrick to say, “You know, if you're not liking this accountant thing, you could be a model, I mean, look at you, you are, like, movie star good looking, you can be morose with OCD while people take your picture and you can make so much money and we don't have to do any of this running away from vague criminal entities and law enforcement organizations.”

The Accountant is not the greatest action movie title I've ever heard. What if this is a hit? Will there be Accountant 2: The Accounting and Accountant 3: Death and Taxes? Is this Ben's version of Jason Bourne? Are people dying to see Batman the Accountant? Let me know!