Big Brother 18 is about to go insane!

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You may be paying more attention to announcements at San Diego Comic-Con or the unpredictable thrills of Donald Trump's Republican National Convention. But if you are reading this in the archives, you already know that the most important event of this historical month in July, 2016 was Big Brother 18's Battle Back Week. 

Five houseguests who have already been kicked out of the game will get an opportunity to win their way back into the house. Pretty exciting. We have Glenn, Jozea, Victor, Bronte and a fifth houseguest to be determined tonight, most likely Tiffany, although my predictions have been wrong before. Can you see why I don't want to drive to Comic-Con and party with my close friends? And miss this? 

Let me tell you the best two outcomes for maximum entertainment in the house. Glenn has an uphill battle, but he's the clearly the most exciting character. We didn't see much of Glenn in the beginning, unfairly booted over a first night twist that left Glenn and his burgeoning fandom devastated. Anytime you can unleash a 50 year old ex-cop turned dog groomer into a house full of sexy people, all of them in their 20s (or look like it), you have to do it. He's from the “Boogie Down Bronx,” and he's not afraid to tell you. He also has permission from his girlfriend to flirt with the ladies, and I would like to see that. The other important choice is the real first boot, Jozea, the self styled “messiah of the newbies,” which ultimately referred to just three impressionable people. This is the most confident man I've ever witnessed with my own beautiful eyes. I want to know his secret. In the face of all evidence to the contrary, he truly believed he was running the house, and he still seems to believe he can ride his makeup artist career into a following the likes of which we haven't seen since Jesus of Nazareth. The man may lack self awareness, but speaking as a more humble sort, I could afford to absorb some of his teachings.

The rest of these people. We don't need them. Bronte? The model/presenter who is really a mathematician who probably should just pursue being a model/presenter, we got what we needed with that. Victor, who sashayed his way in and out of our hearts? No thanks. Tiffany, sister of renown player Vanessa? I don't see to see another Rousso crying their way through 99 days (yes, that's how long the season is). And if Da'Vonne is picked to go up instead of Tiffany? I won't hear it! I choose Da'Vonne every time and don't you forget it. You leave her be, Big Brother

So forget the RNC, forget Comic-Con. Let's expend our energies on the things that matter. And that thing is Glenn.