Does anyone want to go into ‘The Disappointments Room?’

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My mother says that every room I walk into is The Disappointments Room.

I know, I know sorry. But the title is begging for those kinds of jokes. Maybe it's all part of an insane marketing scheme. The filmmakers know that critics aren't going to want to take the bait and call The Disappointment Room a disappointment. It's just too obvious. No one wants to be a hack. So if the filmmakers reference a “disappointment” in the title, maybe reviewers will go a little easy.

I don't know, guys, there are a lot of typical horror tropes here. An attractive blonde woman (Kate Beckinsale) and her son arrive at a new house for a new beginning. But something's wrong. There's a room in the house that “isn't in the floor plan.” So assuming the architect wasn't just being lazy, she investigates. But since she has a history of mental illness, no one knows if they can believe her when she witnesses supernatural activity. We've all seen that before, but that's not necessarily bad. What's important is if it's scary or not. And it appears to be more in the “not” category. It's just a mishmash of shots from other horror movies just kinda thrown together in a basic stew. Is The Disappointments Room a derivative mess or is it a pleasant surprise?

Maybe I should go into the “Get Your Hopes Up Room?” But what if that room isn't as good as I had expected, what do I call it?