Marital troubles? Don’t see a professional, see a homeless guy from your dreams

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Marital troubles are devastating. And it's a good idea to seek help. But should your first choice be a homeless stranger? That's the question that the Same Kind of Different as Me trailer asks. And according to this movie, the answer is yes. Is your husband having an affair? Is your wife having an affair? Consult a homeless man. He knows what to do. He's the best.  

I'm having some trouble with this premise. I don't want to be insensitive to the plight of the homeless. I don't agree with the crotchety old grandpa played by John Voigt who says: “Are you out of your minds, they're looking for handouts instead of using their hands for work.” How would he know? Has he talked to them? He's a jerk. Most of us go through tough times. 

By the same token, I'm not sure I understand this piece of dialogue, either. 

Renee Zellwegger: “Pretty sexy what you did today.”

Greg Kinnear: “Hanging out with a homeless guy?”

See, this isn't about the homeless guy. This is about this couple's weird thing for the homeless guy. They might be feeding him in the soup kitchen, but they're putting a lot more than food on Dijmon Honshu's plate: Fix our marriage! Enlighten us! Bring joy to our miserable lives!

Those are big asks. And let me tell you something. Being broke is stressful enough without some middle aged couple banging down your door – metaphorically speaking, he doesn't have a door because he's homeless – asking for advice. How about paying him for his work, Renee Zellweger! It's called life coaching and it's a skill, and you trade money for it. 

But no, they just want to use this guy for his down home wisdom and stiff him afterwards. Do they do anything for him? I mean, if the answer is “giving him our company” that's lame. Lame! How about giving him shelter? Writing him a solid Yelp review? Maybe a threesome? Something, for heaven's sakes! 

Sorry, Same Kind of Different as Me, you seem like the same 'ole same 'ole to me!