Let’s All Get Overwhelmed by New Footage in the Rogue One Celebration Reel

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So many aliens, so little time! Like it or not, every single character, even those whose faces rushed by us quickly in a clear homage to the Orange is the New Black opening credits, are going to get their own TV show, novel, and comic book mini-series. And as a person who reads and watches ALL of these things, I'm going to have to say goodbye to my family now. I hope they miss me. 

We get more footage of Felicity Jones and her gang of misfits kicking lots of Stormtrooper ass, which is exactly what we need before breakfast. What I really liked is that I couldn't always tell the difference between the behind-the-scenes stuff and the movie itself. Are the four Stormtroopers trudging through the pond about to pounce on our heroes, or are they just scouring for more bacon sandwiches at craft services? 

Gareth Edwards' enthusiasm for the material is on full display. He says all the right things, but the most telling moment is when he tells the fuzzy alien on the ship (I can't tell if it's a Wookie or Ewok offshoot) to chortle and it's exactly what that alien should do. I'm already thinking, “That's so (fill in the name of new character)! He's a fuzzy maniac. Always has been!” 

Unlike other people (read: everyone) I'm definitely going to see this movie but we know prequels are not easy to to pull off. I've seen Star Wars many, many times (like you haven't) and not once is it suggested that the rebels failed to retrieve the plans for the Death Star. I gotta think they're gonna succeed unless this is an alternative timeline like Star Trek. In which case we'll be disappointed, and we'll all have to grab our pitchforks that we keep under our beds for this very occasion.

Lastly, the way Felicity Jones (or Jyn Erso, if you like) delivers that last line: “May the Force be with US.” Us!  I'm included! You're included! Let's do this!