The most romantic storyline of the summer is on ‘Big Brother’

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It's an exciting summer. We got a crazy election. The Summer Olympics is on the way. There are female Ghostbusters, talking pets and '80s monsters bedeviling young children. But you know what's missing? Romance! Just the most important thing there is in this cruel world. So we turn to you, Big Brother, to give us something for that which our aching souls lack. 

This season, James and Natalie, the most adorable people in the Big Brother house, have found something together. And that something is love. James is a returning player. Otherwise known as Captain Camo, he's the house trickster, always playing practical jokes on his fellow houseguests. This year, he gave us those practical jokes again, spreading cheese on sleeping people and jumping out of trash cans. But recently, James has been preoccupied with something – or rather, someone else – Natalie the former NFL cheerleader, a new player with a heart of platinum, which from my understanding of credit cards, is worth more than gold.

You can be cynical if you want, but my heart melted into chicken tenders when James won the HOH on the promise that Natalie would give him a kiss on the lips. True to her word, their lip smack was the lip smack heard around the world, as teddy bears came to life and hearts lit afire to the sound of human connection. The one bit of advice I'd give them is that affection isn't earned, it's something that's built together. But they'll get there. Trust.  

Big Brother has had its share of “showmances,” the reality TV term for people who meet-cute on a TV show. But none as pure as James and Natalie. Not since Luke and Laura, or at least Jeff and Jordan, has a couple wormed its way into a strife-ridden summer and made us feel whole again. 

I can't say that these two are good at the actual game of Big Brother. But what I can say is that they make the house a better place. Two underdogs. Two not-tall people. Two lovers. 

Watch them and weep.