Dear MacGyver, hold us through these difficult times

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In the '80s, I watched A-Team and Dukes of Hazzard, which were the Breaking Bad and The Wire of its time. That's not true, actually, I'm just trying to say I wasn't a particularly discerning TV viewer back then. Still, I couldn't get into MacGyver. I didn't find it realistic. I found Knight Rider and ALF perfectly reasonable, so take that for what's it worth. I think it's because I've never been a handy person. If the dishwasher is broken, I pretend like I don't notice so that whoever uses it next might be the one who fixes it. Meanwhile, MacGyver can make a helicopter out of a trash can or whatever. It takes a toll on my sense of masculinity, I won't lie.

So when I saw this trailer for the MacGyver reboot during Big Brother last night, I was predisposed not to like it. And I didn't. But… this is coming from a guy who was watching Big Brother. So MacGyver fans, take heart, nothing I say should stop you. 

I find Lucas Till kind of charming. I mean, is he more charming than the original MacGyver? I think a block of wood is more charming than the original MacGyver so the answer is yes. But I didn't get why his older buddy played by George Eads isn't MacGyver. He looks like he could also be a MacGyver. Is it because of his hair? Is his hair not good enough? It's his hair, isn't it?

The new MacGyver looks like a standard issue network TV show for an older generation. There's a team of reassuring stereotypes. There's explosions. There's lots of smiling. I like to see people smiling, but this all seems so hackneyed. Like, is the sexy female hacker going to do anything but type fast and look serious while doing it? This isn't going to be Mr. Robot realistic, is it? Does the female boss have to be a derivative no-nonsense type? I mean, this task force she's created is absurd. She should be absurd! What happens when MacGyver is in a situation where he can't be Mr. Wizard and make something out of cotton from his toes and belly button hair. What will he do then? Die? 

Other questions: Is MacGyver a Celtic name? I've never met someone with that last name before. Will this show do a parallel universe crossover where the new Macgyver meets the old MacGyver? How do Patty and Selma feel about this new series? 

Personally, I will always prefer Will Forte's take on the character as a closeted homosexual with a low level of competency and an odd sense of entitlement. Lucas Till, I like you but, we need you for the Monster Trucks franchise. 

Are you going to see MacGyver? Are you going to repair your refrigerator with ball bearings and a wad of tobacco while you watch it?