A Mysterious ‘Close Encounters’ Teaser Is Promising Something Special For The 40th Anniversary

Is the prospect of extra-terrestrial life visiting us considered frightening or exciting anymore? Or if aliens came to visit in 2017 would we simply be too embarrassed to show how Earth lives? “What’s that Xeltrek 6? No, I don’t want to explain why devil sticks were ‘a thing,’ etc.” Either way, we’re about to be reacquainted with Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi classic Close Encounters of the Third Kind in time for its 40th anniversary and to mark the milestone Sony released a mysterious video teasing “something.” No really, the video is titled “This Means Something”

Clocking in at just under a minute, this piece of promo doesn’t really overtly reveal what it is as a healthy supply of radar images and air traffic chatter do the bulk of the heavy lifting. The presentation has the teaser looking like it could be anything from an upcoming reboot to a video game trailer to a traveling exhibition. Variety reports that the video is a teaser for the film’s theatrical re-release due out later this year with select theaters (apologies to the unselected) holding week-long screening runs starting on September 1.

Here’s hoping all the 40th anniversary love for Close Encounters leads to more chats with Richard Dreyfus. He’s an interesting dude.

(Via Variety)