Slow dance with yourself on Coldplay and Cat Power’s collab ‘Wish I Was Here’

Just like Jon Favreau could loop in Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johanssen into his indie (“indie”) movie “Chef,” Zach Braff was able to secure some heavy-hitters of his own for his indie flick “Wish I Was Here.” The guy can bat at a level that you send a draft of your film to multi-Grammy winner Chris Martin and come out on the other side with a brand new song from Coldplay and Cat Power titled after your movie.

And the tune could leave you swooning.

Led by piano and Chan Marshall's twilit voice, “Wish I Was Here” started out as an idea Martin bumped off his band, with a gap open for a female lead singer, according to NPR. Marshall has been somewhat quiet since 2012's “Sun” and a proceeding tour that was marred by cancellations, frustration and illness. She sounds as strong as ever, very comfortable with Martin's harmonic mumble.

No news if this marks a period of activity for Marshall, but keep in mind that “Wish I Were Here” has been around since Sundance in January.

The soundtrack to “Wish I Were Here” is out on July 15 with the theatrical run starting two days later. Also from the tracklist, check out the new song from the Shins, “So Now What,” here.

Hold me close now, Cat Power.