Coldplay is telling more ‘Ghost Stories’: New live album and concert doc due

Coldplay have reunited with director Paul Dugdale for a new concert film.

“Ghost Stories Live 2014” is a new concert documentary and live album, due on Nov. 24.

It's footage is culled from March this year, when the British superstar band put together concerts to preview their album “Ghost Stories” to a small group of fans, two months before the album even dropped.

It was shot in a “custom-built,” 360-degree stage at Sony Studios in Los Angeles.

“The Ghost Stories show at Sony Studios was a very special moment for our band. The magic theatre built by our incredible crew with the 360 screens was literally a dream come true. And it was the first time anyone outside of our studio had heard the new songs,” frontman Chris Martin said in a statement. “This film is basically our original vision for the 'Ghost Stories' album.”

The live album includes audio from at the band's concert stops in London, Sydney, Paris, Cologne, New York and Los Angeles between April and July this year. The DVD/Blu-ray packages feature eight music videos — boasting two previously unreleased clips for the title track and “All Your Friends.” 

Dugdale previously helmed Coldplay's “Live 2012” performance doc, and has also headed up releases from Jessie J, the Rolling Stones, for Glastonbury, “Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall” and more.

DVD tracklist for “Ghost Stories Live 2014”:

1. Always In My Head
2. Magic
3. Ink
4. True Love
5. Midnight
6. Another's Arms
7. Oceans
8. A Sky Full Of Stars
9. O

Music videos:

1. Midnight
2. Magic (Extended Director's Cut)
3. A Sky Full Of Stars
4. True Love
5. Ink (Live at the Royal Albert Hall)
6. All Your Friends
7. Ghost Story
8. Always In My Head (Artwork Animation)

Alternate Live Takes:

1. Always In My Head
2. Oceans

Album tracklist for “Ghost Stories Live 2014”:

1. Always In My Head (Live at the Royal Albert Hall, London)                                                   
2. Magic (Live at the Enmore Theatre, Sydney)                                                                                             
3. Ink (Live at Le Casino de Paris, Paris)                                                                                         
4. True Love (Live at the Enmore Theatre, Sydney)                                        
5. Midnight (Live at the Royal Albert Hall, London)                                         
6. Another's Arms (Live at the Beacon Theatre, New York)                                                                                                                              
7. Oceans (Live at E-Werk, Cologne)
8. A Sky Full Of Stars (Live at the Royal Albert Hall, London)
9. O (Live at Royce Hall, Los Angeles)