Fans call the shots in Coldplay’s lush new interactive video

Coldplay's new interactive video gives viewers many choices, but to see them all you have to be a pretty big Coldplay fan, because you'll have to hear their new single “Ink” like 300 times.

For the latest single from their smash album “Ghost Stories,” the group decided to let fans call the shots in the animated video.

In the video playable here, a heartbroken man — who bears a passing resemblance to frontman Chris Martin — pursues the love of his life through a surreal world of sumptuous paintings. The limited interactivity allows fans to guide the avatar on his journey, deciding whether he goes right or left, gets rescued by a bear or an eagle (like Gandalf), jumps in the ocean or floats off into the sky. The press release states that there are over 300 possible combinations on the journey, so it helps if you really like Coldplay. 

Like an old “Choose Your Own Adventure” book, all the choices lead to the same handful of conclusions, and of the ones I've seen, they all seem fairly melancholy, like “Ink” itself. 

The video was created by L.A. ad agency Blind, along with the digital media company Interlude

Coldplay's new concert film and live album, “Ghost Stories Live 2014,” both arrive in stores and online this week.